About Us

About RemoteVolunteering.org:

RemoteVolunteering.org helps people find virtual volunteer opportunities. 

There are plenty of tools out there helping people find local volunteer positions, but we promote the idea that anyone can volunteer from anywhere.

The types of people who use RemoteVolunteering.org:
1. Those who want to participate in industries they are interested but are not within geographic reach.
2. Those who want to get their foot into industries they lack experience, skills or connections for.
3. Those looking for a mentor.
4. Just want an easy (work from home) way to help people. What's wrong with that?

About the Founder: 

Hey, my name is Max


I help people sell stuff on the internet. So, so much stuff.
I used to run a sports technology company called WooterWooter was ranked as one of the best companies in the USA                                     
2 years in a row by Entrepreneur Magazine.
Now, I obsessively build & invest in internet companies.
I spend a lot of time working and get lonely, please talk to me.
RemoteVolunteering.org is a subsidiary of a private LLC. We are made up of various companies.