Dec 06, 2018

English teachers : Bring ‘out-of-school’ children to school

  • Joyland Prime Academy

Opportunity Description

The project ‘’Bring ‘out-of-school’ children to school’’ is underway promoting education. It looks to make English language accessible by giving teaching services to allow speaking, reading and writing in English to take place.

By bringing out-of-school children to school, we hope to promote education and keep children in school and make them future productive members of the society. This is possible by bringing down  children marriages, illiteracy prevalence, prostitution, drug abuse, early marriages/pregnancies, and social crimes by 60% by 223. Between January-November 2018 we have lost 152 students into streets due to lack of enough English teachers in 2015-2017 that is why we need volunteers/interns helping hands! We need to bring balance and stop. 

Your work is to prepare lessons and teach in classroom, give exercises and mark them, give home works and mark them,  encourage/advice students,role model to students, others 

Your presence will make children to

  • understand and answer questions well
  • increase performances 
  • promotions to next grade
  • to love learning and remain in school
  • be productive members of the communities

You can choose to teach any of the following areas

  • English grammar
  • English composition writing
  • Reading


  • interest to help children who need your services the most
  • willing to stay among children 
  • willing to learn new culture different from yours back home 
  • willing to learn our systems and share systems from your country

As soon as you complete application prices you will be assigned personal mentor who will guide you through all process required to enter Kenya easily. 

Who can apply

  • individuals
  • students
  • groups
  • religious missions
  • couples
  • travelers
  • family
  • other

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