Nov 25, 2018

English Content Researchers

  • Watching America
  • Remote

Opportunity Description

Watching America is currently seeking volunteer content researchers who can identify the most credible and compelling commentary about the U.S. in English language news sources based in the U.K., Africa, Europe and Asia. If you are reading English opinion pages in foreign sources, we’d love to hear from you.

We ask that content researchers commit to submitting as much current and provocative English language commentary as possible once a week, the number of articles and courses to be determined by the region they choose to cover. The role offers the opportunity to apply news judgment and deadline management skills, and provides the chance to build one’s resume by working for the only online aggregator of translated and English language foreign commentary about the United States.

If you like the idea of bring­ing commentary to the English-speaking world that might not otherwise be read in the United States – commentary that will be seen by pol­icymakers and thought leaders — then please write to us.

Please send a brief email and resume to info [at] watchingamerica [dot] com.

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